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Jubilee Christmas, a local holiday assistance program of CONNECTIONS, works with churches, businesses and the community to provide presents for children birth through age 15 in Daviess County. Children are referred to Jubilee Christmas by someone who knows the family such as a school, church, Day Care, Social Service Agency  etc.  Jubilee Christmas served 152 families with 446 children in 2022 with over 400 volunteers helping to make the event possible.

Jubilee Christmas for birth through age 10 is held at a specific site.    Families and shop for three gifts for each child age 1 through 10; babies under one receive a gift and diaper vouchers.  The families wrap their gifts and take them home to put under their tree.

The Jubilee Christmas shopping event is for children age 11 through 15.  The children are taken shopping with a set amount of money to spend.  They may purchase items that can be worn on their body such as clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items.  Each child has a mentor with them to help choose sizes and keep track of their spending so they don't go over the set amount.  The mentor helps them with comparative shopping and budgeting while making the outing fun.

Families also receive a voucher to use at a local merchant for food, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies.  

Jubilee Christmas is funded by many individuals, churches, businesses, sororities, clubs and agencies, as well as grants from: Knights of Columbus and Daviess-Martin REMC.



CONNECTIONS also partners with the Marines at the Crane Naval Base to provide toys for child in need at Christmas in Daviess County Indiana.  The Toys for Tots program served 132 children.

CONNECTIONS also partners with the Salvation Army in Daviess County to

provide the Angel Tree program.  Families are given a set amount of money to spend for each child for clothes or anything the child can wear on their person.  There were 32 children served through the Salvation Army.

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