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A central resource clearinghouse and informational call center connecting families in Daviess County Indiana to resources to meet their needs.


Supporting people by becoming

a place to begin when help is needed.

 To provide and promote a collaborative service network that will increase efficiency, diminish redundancy, and eliminate gaps in services to children, families, and individuals within Daviess County Indiana.


  • Assistance and information helpline

  • Salvation Army

  • Jubilee Christmas

  • Toys for Tots

  • Ways To Help Others Article

Connections is the lead navigator for HoosierHelp in Daviess County.  

Daviess County Partnership-Connections was awarded a grant for 2024 from the United Way of Daviess County.  This grant will help us continue to provide resource and referral for families in Daviess County. We will also be able to continue provide critical data to many organizations, City of Washington, Daviess County Commissioners and churches.

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