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CONNECTIONS, the United Way of Daviess County, and the Daviess County Community Foundation partnered to develop the Stepping Forward program in Daviess County. STEPPING FORWARD focuses on helping families step out of poverty. The program utilizes the GETTING AHEAD IN A JUST GETTIN' BY WORLD curriculum incorporating a "kitchen table" workshop for 16-20 sessions and a mentoring program that will follow participants for 12 months to provide encouragement and guidance as they write their new story.


Bringing together people wanting to escape poverty with people who can help!


The program emphasizes the importance of participants learning on their own and uses a self-assessment and other tools to build financial, emotional, and social resources by exploring the impact of poverty in participants’ lives. They learn how these resources affect their lives and the lives of their family. By examining the resources they have versus the resources they need, they will be able to develop a personal plan and set their own goals to get out of poverty and get ahead..


Stepping Forward receives funding from the Daviess County Community Foundation and the Vectren Foundation and the Glick Foundation.


For more information, please call 812-380-1869 or email:

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